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Your Favorite color And Your Personality Infographics

Color has lot to say about your personality. This infographics shows the special features of your favorite color. Records shows that 33% of the companies uses blue color for their brand. Check out your favorite color and its specialty below:

$850 Foldimate Will Be Your New Laundry Folding Friend

Gone are the days, washing the clothes with hands but still folding the laundry is very tiresome. Thanks to the Foldimate, Which is a £600 laundry robot that will fold your clothes in seconds. Each cloth is perfumed, softened, wrinkles removed and treated while being folded.

The Most Handsome Horse Frederik The Great Goes Viral

The latest addition to the social media storm is Frederik the Great. Frederik is a Friesian stallion who is considered as the world's most handsome horse. Named after the Prussian monarch who ruled from 1740 to 1786, Frederik is owned by the Pinnacle Friesians farm in the Ozark Mountains in the U.S.

Google High Altitude Balloons To Provide 4G Services To All

Internet giant Google is working close with the government of India on a pilot project "Project Loon" for proving internet connectivity using large balloons.

Check Your Actions To Judge Your Personality

Your conduct is more convincing than your language. Here are some small things which we do that determines our personality. If you pass in all these nine actions then you are said to have a good personality. Check it now!

iTENS - Worlds First Wearable Wireless Pain Management Device

Meet the world's first true wireless Transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation (TENS) therapy device that works via an iPhone or Android based app for chronic pain management known as "iTENS"

Futuristic Elevated Bus To Ride Above Chinas Traffic

To address the china's traffic congestion and vehicle pollution problem, a new concept known as the Transit Elevated Bus (TEB) was exhibited at the 19th China Beijing International High-Tech Expo.


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