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Googles New Modular Phone To Replace Smartphone

Google is to launch a modular phone in place of smartphone. Ara is the first ever phone made by google. The Ara frame contains all the functionality of a smartphone in addition to flexible slots for easy swapping. It allows for upgrades, innovation and style.

Speak Unlearnt Language With Instant Language Translator Earpiece

Meet Pilot, the world's first smart earpiece language translator. Designed by Waverly labs, the device uses the latest technology in speech recognition, wearable technology and machine translation whereby it can be used by travelers without any language barrier.

Maximum Functionality With Minimum Size Super Cube

The Recent talk coverage from all over the world is the 1-inch Wondercube. It is a 1 inch (2.5 cm) keyring that combines 8 features in one for your smartphone. It features a charger, LED torch, storage device, micro usb, built in cable, splash proof protection, microsuction phone stand and card reader.

10 Marriage Scenario Questions Of Indian Girls To The Society

Every Indian girl to tie the marriage bond are nowadays frank and open about the preconditions of the marriage than blindly walking into marriage bonds. Here are few questions they want to ask the society and also educate the men and their families.

Animals Rule Humans - A Parallel Universe

Can you imagine a world where animals rule humans? What if they treat us the same way as many humans are to them? Here are few shocking scenarios that shows how they treat us from a totally different perspective.

How to Record Video Directly From Your Mac’s Screen

At first you may think that recording video directly from your screen is only really useful for creating video guides or tutorials. However despite that being one of its most popular uses, there are other reasons why you may want to record video from your screen, such as to save Skype calls,

Funny Arab Video - Slack Rope Prank

The top Guinness World Records of year 2015 which become a record-breaking reality. Watch the amazing happenings which the year 2015 experienced. The top high skyscraper to adventure on sea.


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