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Funny Arab Video - Slack Rope Prank

You will definitely laugh after seeing this video. You would seen many funny Arab videos, but see this amazing funny guy who is crossing the slack rope. What happens once his eyes has been tied. :)

Power Packed Formula 1 Car That Runs At 200 Mph Without Fuel

Olcay Tuncay, has designed a new power packed performance formula 1 car that can run at the speed of 200 mph without fuel. This concept Alfa Romeo AW30 racecar might be the first racecar that uses wind as its power source.

Orion Streamliner - The New Cool Motorcycle Concept

Orion streamliner is a cool motorbike concept designed by Mehmet Doruk Erdem who got the inspiration from predatory bird's Body.

Realistic Butterfly Fairy Scarves Gives You The Wing

Spanish costume designer Alassie, of El Costurero Real, has designed light muslin scarves with beautiful, realistic, butterfly wing prints. Alassie moved to Barcelona where Alassie began a Masters degree in Costume Design for Theater, Movies, Opera and TV at the Istituto Europeo di Design.

World's Most Energy Efficient And Tallest Tower To Set Record In China

A new tallest building is set to make records in China with one of the most energy efficient towers ever built!. The 120-story tower "Megatall Wuhan Greenland Centre", designed by Adrian smith and Gordon Gill Architecture is under construction and is expected to be completed in 2017.

Water Pavilion Invites All To Walk Towards The Ocean

Daniel Valle Architects studio has created a platform of 30,000 meters on water for water pavilion for the Yeosu Expo. This is proposed for the location in South Korea, Whereby the passers can walk inside the ocean water without diving or swimming.

Warka Water Tower Harvests Water From Air Wins World Design Award

Warka water is an innovative design that harnesses drinking water from the air. Installed its pilot project in a rural Ethiopian village has won the prestigious 2016 World Design Impact Prize at a World Design Capital gala in Taipei.


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