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Apple's Small Screen iPhone SE To Go On Sale This Month End

Apple has recently announced the small screen size smartphone under the name iPhone SE. The iPhone SE is expected to arrive in India at a starting price of Rs. 39,000 during the first week of April.

Creating Greener India With Tranz The Future Transportation

This innovative future transportation by India is designed keeping in mind the daily traffic congestion, accidents, pollution and global warming. This transportation system provides the future generation with a place to live, safe roads, peaceful life and better lifestyle.

Dedicated For Those Tired Of Their Job Nature

Do you often worry about the job you do? Then, here is a collection of works that are done by people which they do not have any complains. This collection is specially dedicated for those who think that they got the most unpleasant job in the world.

Men – Should You Buy or Rent Formalwear for a Friend’s Wedding?

When you are invited to a wedding, whether you are in the wedding party or just a regular guest, having the right thing to wear is important. Most wedding invitations have a dress code on them to give you an idea of what to turn up in, but some people’s idea of formal is different to others.

Drive Through Supermarket To Be The Next Gen Shopping Concept

The future of shopping will be a drive market, a drive through grocery store concept. Wherein You can drive in your car and do shopping through the entire store's inventory right from your vehicle seat.

15 Best Inventions Of Earlier Women That Changed The World

Today the works of women is making its final steps. We need to salute those women who are the creators of some of today's creations. At the end of 20th century only 10 percent of all patents were awarded to female investors but those days women have faced many hardship to get their patent and receive credit for their ideas.

Salute To The Brave Wildlife Photographer On Women's Day

Shannon Wild, 36 from south Africa is a women who has documented the animals with photography by close encounter with leopard, elephants and many other wild beasts on her safari.


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