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Creative Eye Art Makeup Designs

Tal Peleg uses eye as a canvas to makeup and form an amazing art to tell a story. She uses the natural shape and curves of the eyes as part of the illustration in a creative way. All the eye art are done on her own eyes with eyeshadows, eyeliners, watercolors and with tiny brushes.

Flyship | The Future Of Travel Both On Air And Water

A new hybrid of boat and plane called "The FlyShip" is an £26m ($37m) vehicle that can carry 100 passengers at a top speed of 155mph(250km/h). The flyship hovers by creating a cushion of air under its wings.

Diverse Barbie Doll To Be Released For Her Upcoming 57th Birthday

Toy maker Mattel has announced that the Barbie is getting a major makeover and is going to add a new line of diverse doll on regards of her upcoming 57th birthday. Since 1959, Barbara Millicent Roberts better known as Barbie, has had more than 180 careers and has become a pop culture icon.

Effective Ways to Give your Garden a Natural Look

A garden should be an enjoyable place to spend your time. The more natural a garden looks, the more appealing it is. However, many gardens look artificial, are poorly maintained or they’re covered up altogether with gravel or tarmac.

Snail Bob 10 - Gaming to a Whole new Level

Snail Bob 10 probably will not yet launch for couple of years from now. I presume Snail Bob 10 to completely renovate with many new features included to the game. I also await there to be an extensive visual experience given to the gamer which brings visual gaming to a entire new level.

Meet The Amazing Beast Charmer And Model Dr Antin

Want to know about a veterinarian who has been awarded by the People's Magazine as the "Sexiest Beast Charmer." Then, meet Evan Antin, California-based vet who has the passion for exotic animals and wildlife, especially reptiles and amphibians.

Life Lessons Of Stick Figure Meme Goes Viral For Facebook Addicts

The “Be Like Bill” meme is sweeping the Internet, with both amusing and annoying fans. What Bill does is to instruct an audience of millions on some of the blunt details of social media etiquette. "The idea is very simple. 'Bill' can be anyone who is smart and has common sense and doesn't do annoying things."


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