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How is it Possible? - 18 Unbelievable illustration Featured

13 September 2015
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You may feel these photographs are fake and Photoshopped. But, they are real and unedited.

Amazing military skills

This picture was confirmed to be a chopper rescue operation in Afghanistan. Occasionally, we neglect what breathtaking people we have in the defense.

Rescue mission at Afghanistan

Tree and Tyre, How?

Tree bark surrounded by Tyre

Truck hits the tunnel

truck hanging on the tunnel entrance

How did he go in there

Man struck in park bar

Standing on the water, amazing!

It looks like the man is standing on the water, but this was a photograph trick. The photo was taken when man landed exactly on the water.

Indian woman balancing five water vessels on her head

Face Of Budha

It may be hard to believe, but this photo is truly unedited. Clement Briend an artist from France done a creativity with multiple projectors. The light were projected on the trees to form a 3D face.

Face Of Budha, French artist Clement Briend's creativity to show 3d face

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