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14 Months Miracle Life In Pacific Featured

15 February 2014
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Jose who survived 14 months in sea

This is the photo of the miracle man of the Pacific Ocean - a fisherman who survived by eating more than a year the blood of turtles, fish and meat of raw seagulls until he drifted in the waters of the great ocean.

Jose Salvador Albanyaga Ivan said "I'm alive, I'm alive, I just can not believe it". When he was questioned about the ordeal through which he had to go, he replied I remember almost nothing. All thoughts were reduced to one - "ocean, ocean everywhere."

Jose along with a young hunter sharks had to go ordeal after their boat engine broke down on December 21, 2012. All their efforts to attract the attention of other ships were in vain. The young sailor, who was about 15-18 years died and Jose was left alone Week after week, month after month, fighting for his life, eating raw fish and meat gulls and quenching thirst own urine. He said that I thank God that I survived, - and has travelled about 8,000 miles in a dangerous ocean, struggling with bad weather, all alone in my thoughts about his family and homeland. But questions have started about his 'incredible' story. A local official said: 'I'm not sure if I believe his story. I may have some doubts'.

man who spent 14 months in pacific ocean

Jose coming out of ship after 14 months in sea

Man assisting Jose

map of sea

picture of ocean

remote island in sea

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