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50yr Old Mother Pays $15k For Plastic Surgery To Look Like Daughter Featured

07 May 2009
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look like twins

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A mother-daughter duo has the wOw women doing a double take.

Fifty-year-old Janet and her daughter, Jane, 28, look like twins — but genes do not deserve all the credit. Though they both have flowing blonde locks, perfect skin, sultry lips and enviable figures, mother Janet admits she spent almost $15,000 dollars in plastic surgery to copy her daughter Jane’s youthful appearance.

look like twins

Is that a mother’s ultimate compliment?

"The way I see it is that she got her looks from me in the first place — mine have just faded with age," said Janet, who divorced her husband about ten years ago and now lives in Spain. "Seeing how attractive Jane is made me want to get my looks back. Now instead of mum and daughter we look more like twin sisters. I had good genes and good skin, but I needed a helping hand to make me feel better about myself."

look like twins

Cosmetic surgeons’ helping hands have enhanced Cunliffe’s chest, lips, eyes and nose. Her long blonde hair is the result of extensions.

Do you have an resemblance to your mother or daughter?

E-mail your family photos to contactus(at) If it causes us to do a double take, we’ll feature it in an upcoming photo essay.

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