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650 Ft Bungee Jumping Opens On The Planets Longest Suspension Footbridge Featured

09 October 2014
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The world's longest pedestrian suspension bridge, the SkyBridge near the city of Sochi in south-western Russia stretches for almost a kilometer over the Krasnaya Polyana valley. This bridge can handle up to 30,000 people at a time. It has been opened for the public from this July allowing to see from the viewing platform and also takes pride for its 650ft bungee jump over the valley.

The SkyBridge

Also the daring travelers can speed along the zip wire which is more than 500ft above the valley called the "Trollwire". The ride reaches speeds of 70mph as it clears through the air. The Skypark bridge was developed along with New Zealand and took bout Two years, 2,000 cubic meters of concrete and 740 tons of metal to construct. The bridge is designed to withstand a 9-magnitude earthquake.

Bungee jump

Longest pedestrian suspension bridge

mist drifts across the bridge

crowd gathers to admire

Preparing for the drop

Panoramic View

Suspension Bridge

Longest Bridge on earth

Beautiful View

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