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Vietnam Mammoth Cavern
A giant cave column has been discovered in Vietnam in which a skyscraper could fit too. A half-mile block of 40-story buildings could fit inside this lit stretch of Hang Son Doong, which may be…
Watusi Bull With The Largest Horn
Lurch was born in Missouri, USA and is currently known as the bull with the largest horn in the world, measuring in at 37.5 inches (95.25 cm) wide and weighing a astonishing 100 pounds each.…
Varya Akulova
Varya Akulova was born on 10 January 1992 in Krivoy Rog, and know as "The Strongest Girl In The World". Varya Akulova, is also known as “Girl Hercules”. She lifted around 48 stones (300kg), four…
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Foolhardy Person
Foolhardy means Unwisely bold, venturesome, rash or over adventurous and unbelievable.
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World's Amazing Stunts
Amazing Stunts collections from all over the world.
Jyoti Amge
14-year-old girl Jyoti Amge (born December 16, 1993), a resident of Nagpur, India, is currently the world's smallest girl according to the Limca Book of Records.

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