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10 Real Personalities Behind Disney Characters
Walt Disney has provided children with many stories including old wives tales. They have been shaping the children for many years. But do you who was the real prototype for the Disney characters.
18 Most Weirdest School Routes
School is a place of learning. Children travel all the way from home to school using bus or other means. However there are few countries where the children risk their lives to reach the school.
Interesting Info About Delicious Chocolates
Chocolate is the best invention of mankind. When we are happy, hungry, sad or boring, the best companion is the chocolate. You would not believe that chocolate has many interesting facts which are listed below:
Amazing 6 Year Old Limbo Skating Kid Enters Guinness Records
Gagan Satish, six year old boy from indian city of Bangalore enters the Guninness World Records for limbo skating by flattenning and passing underneath 39 cars. Amazingly he took just 29.8 seconds to cover the…

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