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Gold from old unwanted electronics devices
Engineer and chemist Joseph Murchinson has found a new way to extract gold from old unused electronic devices. Each electronic card includes few milligrams of platinum, gold, silver and copper, which may be optionally extracted…
Guinness World Records 2014
Book edition was issued in twenty three languages. The 1st book was issued in the year 1955 and was very popular in top bestseller list
Guess What Could Grow on a Potato Plant
Could you guess what type of vegetable could grow on the top of this potato plant!Thompson & Morgan (England) a horticulture company after long years of breeding plants have come out with this amazing potato…
Real-Life Spiderman
The 26-year-old ‘skywalker’ from Ukraine’s balancing on one leg at the top of skyscrapers and walking on thin metal cables without the fear of heights. His other tricks include dangling one-armed from a pylon, tip-toeing…
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Worlds Most Elegant Staircases
Usually we prefer to go upstairs in the elevator cabin than the stairs. But sometimes, it is worth to change our habits and walk through the most beautiful staircases in the world. Their appearance, location…

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