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Eclipse - World's Highest Chair Carousel
The world's highest chair carousel has opened in Sweden. The 400ft "Eclipse" features 12 swings with double seats that hang from 8ft long chains and revolves at a top speed of more than 40mph. This…
Dubai Women Police To Drive Expensive Supercars
Dubai women police received the first batch of its new Ferrari 4. Pre policewoman received special training to drive this kind of vehicle. Ferrari is a three-door, four-wheel drive grand tourer with a top speed…
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Hot Water Fountain
On April 11 in Smolensk an unusual incident occurred. A fountain of boiling water formed due to underground heat, in the middle of parking lots. Authorities managed to eliminate the problem quickly, but many of…
Guy Who Walks on Skyscrapers
This is about a amazing guy named Kiev tracer Paul. He is 26 years young and is best known as Mustang. His daily routine walking on structural beam which is at several 100 meters high…
Faudzha Singh
Famous athlete Faudzha Singh is the World's oldest marathon runner, In Hong Kong he ran a distance of 10km in 1hour 32mins and 28secs. He will be 102 years old on April 01, 2013.

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