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Spectacular Restaurant on Rock at Tanzania
The spectacular Rock Restaurant is situated in middle of the Indian Ocean, on a rock nearby the Michanwi Pingwe beach, Tanzania. Specialty of the Rock Restaurant is its tasty food and its amazing view of…
Record Breaking Snowfall in USA
Record Breaking snow fall in USA. In some of the states road usage was totally stopped. 13 states had heavy snowfall and wind. Most record breaking snowfall was in Nebraska, where no electricity was available.
Wax Statue of Jennifer Aniston
This Christmas, Madame Tussaud's Wax Museum, has added another famous Hollywood celebrity Jennifer Aniston in their wax Museum. The sculptors has given a great effort to make the wax statue look alike real Jennifer. The…
Sua Ocean Trench
Nature never ceases to amaze us with their beauty and wonderful, hidden from most eyes. On the territory of an independent State of Samoa, in the village Latofaga securely hidden from the eyes of tourists…
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Huge Loggers Of US
Logging has been an essential part of America since the 1600’s. The land that homesteaders settled was usually heavily wooded which required them to remove the forestry before they could build or farm.

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