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Huge Loggers Of US

06 October 2012
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Logging has been an essential part of America since the 1600’s. The land that homesteaders settled was usually heavily wooded which required them to remove the forestry before they could build or farm.

Huge Loggers Of US

Early loggers and settlers cut timber near water and the water made it easy to move timber to mills and overseas, but as loggers were forced farther inland, they needed to develop new methods of transporting their product. One popular technique for hauling lumber was to use horses and oxen to drag logs over skid roads and rough tracks through the woods. Camps were often infested with lice and other diseases and it wasn't uncommon for loggers to wear the same clothes for months on end. These tough conditions inspired an image of loggers as men of immense strength and made them the epitome might. Over time, labor unions were adamant about getting better conditions for loggers and as things improved, wives and families moved to the camps, establishing schools and other community features.

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