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Moving Stones Of Racetrack Featured

29 January 2010
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A mysterious phenomenon has been spotted in the middle of Death Valley, a place called "The Racetrack Playa" where huge stones up to 300 pounds move in long tracks along the smooth valley floor without human or animal intervention. The force behind their movement is still unknown but it is said that during intense winter storms, combination of thin film of water, sand property and 90mph wind moves them. But this activity has never been filmed or witnessed.

Sliding rock trails fluctuate in direction and length. Some rocks which start next to each other start out traveling parallel, but one may abruptly change direction to the left, right, or even back the direction it came from. Length also varies because two similarly sized and shaped rocks could travel uniformly, then one could burst ahead or stop dead in its track.

Moving Stones Of Racetrack

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