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18 February 2016
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Beautifully Drawn Everyday Love Illustrations Of Puuung
Valentines day is celebrated by every loving heart all over the world on February 14. Want to know what Love is? Then here are some of the few heart blowing illustrations by the Korean artist…
02 February 2016
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Creative Eye Art Makeup Designs
Tal Peleg uses eye as a canvas to makeup and form an amazing art to tell a story. She uses the natural shape and curves of the eyes as part of the illustration in a…
Incredibly Lifelike Japanese Balloon Art Hits New Height
Japanese creative person Masayoshi Matsumoto has taken the art of twisting party balloons to new heights along with his latest animal creations by making spectacularly advanced and lifelike creatures.
Largest 3D Interactive Art Museum Unleash Your Creativity
An Interactive Art Museum in the Philippines that invites attendees to take photos with 3D paintings. Art in Island, is claimed to be the largest 3D museum in Asia in terms of the number of…
06 October 2014
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Pumpkin Sculpting Creations For This Halloween
With the Halloween fast approaching this month on Friday, October 31, the mind blowing pumpkin carving has begun to show its scary face in every part of the world. They carve the demon’s face to…
29 September 2014
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13 Most Inventive Chocolate Artwork
We should feel proud to belong to the society who can create so amazing and imaginative things which were once thought to be unimaginable. chocolates has come far since 1800 in its solid structure in…


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