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13 Most Inventive Chocolate Artwork

29 September 2014
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We should feel proud to belong to the society who can create so amazing and imaginative things which were once thought to be unimaginable. chocolates has come far since 1800 in its solid structure in Europe. Today, specialist can shape and mold this delectable chocolates to beautiful designs and patterns. Here are 13 master piece creative works of chocolate art with perfect shape and colors, which will surely make you to crave and impress you.

1. A 250kg Edible Chocolate Sofa

Chocolate Sofa

Sofa with girl

2. Chocolate Skulls With Brains

Chocolate skull

Skull with brain

Chocolate skull brain

3. Chocolate Temple

China temple wrapper


4. Chocolate Paint Tubes

paint box

Oil paint Tube

Paint Tube Box

5. Chocolate Beetles

Chocolate Beetles

6. Chocolate Tools

Tools Box

Machine Tools

Tool Kit

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