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Awesome Outdoor 3D Street Art
Outdoor 3D-images are most popular in the United States and Germany. Nicholas Arndt (Nikolaj Arndt), artist draws with chalk on the streets. His portfolio has a large number of traditional paintings. He draws these art…
Digital Kids
Dutch photographer Ruud van Empel works on the technique of digital photo-collage. All of his works are made up of hundreds or thousands of individual photos. Each piece looks like a collage of vivid, bright,…
Amazing Wood Craft by Maskull Lasserre
Maskull Lasserre was Born in 1978 in Canada and now working in Montreal. Maskull a Canadian artist carves wood craft in a unusual way. His art work are very inovative and very amazing.
Amazing Laser Cut Paper Design by Eric Standley
These picture is a glass window, which is made by 100 colorful papers. These papers are laser cut designed by talented artist Eric Standley. Eric was inspired by the Islamic architectures and design looks like…
 Amazing Kids Scribbled Painting
Hope you would have seen kids painting on the walls of town streets. But this one is really very amazing. An interesting hobby of kids painting at a great height. Isn't it amazing!

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