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Amazing Old Magazine Sculptures
Scottish sculptor David Mack (David Mach) was born in 1956, in 1979, graduated from the College of Arts Dzhordanston. He creates original sculptures and installations with different techniques and with different materials.
Three-Dimensional Art Exhibition
These picture shows visitors posing with a "3D painting" at the Magic Art Special exhibition at the Hangzhou Peace International Exhibition and Conference Center in the eastern Chinese city of Hangzhou.
Bring Alive New From Old Things
After seeing these collection, you will surely realize that such a thing as "junk" does not exist anymore. You will now try to find some of the old junk in your house to create a…
Magic Realism - Surrealistic Painting Illusions
Canadian painter Rob Gonsalves surrealistic paintings portrays two seemingly different realistic scenes magically merging into one. As a result, the term "Magic Realism" describes his work accurately.
Intricate Motorcycles Made Of Watches
40-year-old Ukrainian artist Dmitriy Khristenkho creates intricate miniature models of motorcycles using component originating from watches.
Artistic Matchstick Sculptures
These artistic sculptures of flammable matchstick were made by UK artist David Mach, who uses thousands of Japanese matchsticks because their heads come in all sorts of different colors to be pressed into a clay…

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