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Digital Photography vs Realistic Pencil Drawing

07 September 2014
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Face sketch

In today's tech savvy world, graphic design and Photoshop has gone a long ways ahead. There are designers who can Photoshop your image and reveal you with a celebrity, whom you never met. Here, the artist has cloned the pencil drawing with real photos and made it look realistic.

Ben Heine is a multi skill artist. One of his skills are freehand pencil sketch, and has come up with great humorous creative imaginations. Ben matched some pencil sketch drawing with real pictures. Recently Ben's innovative work has pulled people's fascination towards museums and art gallery around the world - in London, Romania, South Korea etc,.

See some synthesis of advanced digital photography and reasonable pencil drawing,

Girl Pencil Drawing

Kid drawing sketch

two halves of car one real and one photo




Dog and cat pencil drawing

cool dog

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