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Incredibly Lifelike Japanese Balloon Art Hits New Height

02 June 2015
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Japanese creative person Masayoshi Matsumoto has taken the art of twisting party balloons to new heights along with his latest animal creations by making spectacularly advanced and lifelike creatures. The foremost spectacular issue regarding them is that Masayoshi uses solely balloons – no tape, adhesive, magic pens or markers on any of the creations photographed below. Created by twisting balloons along, with even beady eyes being created by small ones. Matsumoto additionally makes anime characters balloons, however it's his animals that square measure the foremost jaw-droppingly intricate. There is a massive stress on ocean creatures, with seahorses, crabs, fish and even glow-in-the dark jellyfish, however his pink flamingo bird is additionally a piece of art, in conjunction with a really muscular and mean-looking tree lizard.

Jelly Fish


Gold fish



Bird with nest

Sea Horse




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