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Largest 3D Interactive Art Museum Unleash Your Creativity

10 March 2015
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An Interactive Art Museum in the Philippines that invites attendees to take photos with 3D paintings. Art in Island, is claimed to be the largest 3D museum in Asia in terms of the number of 3D paintings available, around 200 masterpieces. "Here, art paintings are not complete if you don't take pictures with them."

Art in Island

Art in Island, Cubao, Quezon City, Philippines located in a former bus station in Manila, capitalizes on the city's reputation as the Selfie Capital of the World with modified versions of famous works of art. The museum is filled with unique paintings that, when photographed from a certain angle, create optical illusions. It was founded by Yun Jae Kyoung together with his other Korean partners. Korean artists also worked on the paintings in the museum. The idea is for visitors to literally make themselves part of the picture.

There are seven different themed zones that we truly enjoyed. The different zones include aquatic zone, animal zone, masterpiece zone (interact with the famous paintings around the world), central hall (explore the dungeons of the ancient times), religious zone (religious world of art), fantasy zone (magical and mysterious walls) and Christmas zone.

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