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Nail Growth Ideas

13 May 2013
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The speed of nail growth increases if you enjoy a healthy diet. This is not a joke but a proven fact. Illness however, can slow it down.

Nail Growth Ideas

Enhancing Nail Growth:

* Rub the fingernails of one hand across the nails of the other hand for about 5 minutes each day. This will increase nail growth.

* Strong cleaning products and the sun can break your nails. Use a sun block cream while going out into the sun. While doing household chores use a pair of gloves. Use a good moisturizer on your hands each night before going to bed.

* Corners of your nail should not be filed. Filing them will weaken the nail and they will break easily.

* Food rich in potassium, iron, calcium and vitamin B are especially good for your nails. Almonds, garlic, spinach celery, yogurt, eggs and seafood are good for your nails.

* Drinking insufficient water can cause your nails to break.

* If your nails are brittle then do not use perfumes that contain alcohol, as this will further deteriorate the condition of your nails.

* Use four fingers of the opposite hand and knead each finger from the tip to the bottom of each finger. It will relax your fingers.

* Almonds contain fatty acids that are good for your nail. Eat 6 almonds a day and your nails will visibly improve.

* To prevent yourself from biting your nails, make a paste of the gel from one fresh aloe leaf by double boiling it in a pan. Put into a jar and apply this paste on your nails to prevent biting. Ingesting too much of this paste will cause vomiting.

* To encourage nail growth massage the cuticle and nail with your finger tips.

Some don'ts of good nail growth:

* Don't wash dishes without wearing a pair of rubber gloves.

* Do not pick at your nail polish, as you will damage the nail.

* Don't let your nails grow too long as they will break easily.

* Don't use your nails as tools as this will weaken your nail.

* Don't go out in public with chipped polish.

* Remember to moisturize your cuticles every night.

Some Facts about Nail Growth:

* A healthy toe nail takes about a year to grow out completely.

* A healthy fingernail takes about six months to grow out completely.

* Nails grow faster in the summer.

* Men's nails generally grow faster than women's.

* Nails grow faster on the hand you use most.

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