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Tips for Neck Care

07 May 2013
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Neck is an important part of the body which seperates head and the remaining body. The head is supported by the lower neck and this is the area that commomly causes the neck pain. Neck pain also called the cervicalgia is common in two third of the population. Here are few tips to care for the neck.

neck pain

* If you moisturize your face then do the same for your neck, if you are using a night cream for your face then apply it on your neck also.

* Do not lean over your work table. Work at angles that help you maintain your head straight or sit closer to the table.

* Daily before bath, for a minute or two, massage the neck area with downward strokes one hand following the other using any cream or skin oil.

* Apply lemon-turmeric paste on the neck to eliminate the color difference in face and skin.

* Using yoghurt can also help remove the tan on the neck. Apply a layer of yoghurt over the neck area. Leave it on for around 20 minutes and rinse with warm water. Apply some regular moisturizer and massage gently.

Tips for Neck Care

* Use a natural scrubber on your neck daily to keep the lymphatic glands active and also to remove dead skin.

* Buttermilk is a very good cleanser for the neck, especially for those with oily skin.

* Neck is prone to getting tanned very easily. So during the time of sun-bath you need to take good care of this part of the body and protect it from direct exposure to sun. A wide rimmed hat will save your neck from direct exposure to sun. But it is better to use a high factor sun block cream.

* When you apply the facial masks don't forget to apply it on the neck too.

* It is recommended not to sleep over a soft bed, while natural sleep.

* When you are lifting something then use your legs rather than back. This will not put excess strain on your neck.

* Try not to use pillows for sleeping or use lower pillows. It will prevent your neck from curling more down and will help it stretch properly. A good posture is a remedy to many problems, and thus also a remedy to neck problems. Back straight, chin up always appeals like a young personality.

* Hold your head up. It improves the posture and is good for the neck.

* Massage your neck towards the chin in an upward motion with gentle hands. You can use a moisturizer or a massage cream. It facilitates the smooth blood circulation and hence brightens up the complexion.

* Regularly exfoliate your neck, that will help drive out the dead cells and will give space the new cells.

* Take a chair be seated, then look up to the ceiling. But do not open your mouth and do not make any other movements, now the stretch that you feel in your neck is going to benefit you. Then after you have made your pose, start to chew with your mouth open. This exercise is beneficial to improve the posture.

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