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Easy Self Defense Tricks For Women Featured

11 March 2011
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All of us want to learn kung fu. Who doesn’t want to kick like Chuck Norris and use nunchakus like Bruce Lee? Unfortunately, many of us are too busy to attend martial arts training sessions. You can buy a “how to” book of martial arts, but they usually have complicated instructions that you will likely forget during an actual attack.

Easy Self Defense Tricks For Women

The "7 Most Effective Self Defense Techniques" are:

* Instantly effective

* Quick and decisive

* Surprisingly simple

Use your body as your own secret weapon. Self-defense is all about surviving a situation where there is a very real risk of physical harm. This requires first-hand knowledge of techniques you can use to defend yourself without thinking. However, not everyone has enough time to learn a multitude of techniques. I believe that what everyone really needs is just a handful of simple yet effective techniques that are useful for any situation.

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