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Effective Ways to Give your Garden a Natural Look

27 January 2016
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A garden should be an enjoyable place to spend your time. The more natural a garden looks, the more appealing it is. However, many gardens look artificial, are poorly maintained or they’re covered up altogether with gravel or tarmac. This is often a missed opportunity to add a touch of nature to the outside area of a home. This doesn’t have to be the case because there are many simple and affordable ways to give your garden a natural look.

Ways to Give your Garden a Natural Look

Natural Paving

Stone and products made from stone such as patio paving stones are eye-catching features that enhance any natural looking garden. Adding natural patio paving stones serve many purposes. They make it easier and cleaner to walk around different areas of a garden and don’t look artificial, unlike other types of surfaces.

Add Local Plant Life

Simply adding plant life will add a natural look to any garden. Adding trees, shrubs, flowers and other plant life not only changes a gardens appearance but also attracts many other birds and insects to a garden which makes it seem more natural. Many gardens contain exotic plant life that doesn’t always match their surroundings. However, adding local wild flowers, heather, trees and plants is an effective way to make your garden more unique.

Attract Nature

Some gardens are hostile environments for many species such as garden birds. Attracting these creatures to a garden adds life to this area of a home and they provide many natural benefits such as pest control when they visit a garden on a regular basis. Simple ways to make a garden more welcoming to garden birds includes adding bird baths and feeders. Preventing pets such as cats from attacking these visitors is another effective way to ensure your garden is a safe place for this type of wildlife.

Recycled Wood

Wooden features are naturally appealing and a great addition to any garden. You don’t have to buy new wooden products either. Salvaged wood, railway sleepers, logs and bark can be added to gardens as attractive borders, included in flower beds and much more.

Use Natural Coloured Paints

If you want to give your garden the natural look, think carefully about the colours you use to paint the main features in this area of your home. Garden sheds, walls, fences and other features need to be painted regularly. Use colours that blend in with the rest of your garden, so that they don’t look out of place or unnatural.

Add Water Features

Water breathes life into a garden and is the perfect addition to a natural looking garden. A pond for example becomes a home to a wide range of plant life, fish, birds and other creatures. Other water features ensure that your garden will become a haven for a wide range of birds, insects and different types of plant life.

There’s something special about spending time in a natural garden. It gets you closer to nature and away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Making simple changes like those above will ensure that your garden is a nature -friendly place.


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