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5,000 year Historical Facts about 'Shoes with heels' Featured

04 April 2015
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High heel shoes, has become a part of social status of women's lifestyle. Since early 3000BC, both male and females have the practice of wearing high heels.

A shopping mall is not complete without a beautiful women walking with high heels, making herself the center of attraction. People may think, high heel are today's modern worlds practice. These were in existence since from ancient Greece civilization. Since the days of Ancient Greece, human beings have been increasing their heights with some additional inches to their shoes. Going back to 3000 BC, men used to wear platform shoes known as cothurnus in their drama to show their social position. From ancient time, both man and woman had used high heel shoes throughout the centuries. In past 1400s, some people used heels which measured up-to 30 inches in Venice, Florida.

Some historical facts about 'Shoes with heels'

Uneven History of heels

Egyptian higher classes wearing footwear with heels

Middle ages used delicate shoes to protect from mud

King Louis XIV of France fond of new high heel fashion

New world and old values

Platform elevated shoes began in London

In early days, shoes has been a part of royal status and only royal family used to wear. But in today's world it has become a part of our life. Whether it is an office or a party, we are incomplete without it. If you are at a shopping mall, several times you would have stopped at a shoe boutique to watch what is new at store. Your eyes run over the number of pretty footwear's displayed on the shelves, confused which one to buy.

From historical time to today's modern lifestyle, things have changed a lot. Going one step ahead online shopping has enhanced and made the shopping more easier and less tiresome. Amazon, Ebay, and many other online shopping network has grown in popularity over the years, and made our lifestyle more easier and reachable. More individuals than ever before in history have started using the internet to shop for extensive variety of products, from houses to shoes or a plane tickets etc., At just one click, you have infinite choice, price comparisons, no pressure of salesperson, incredible convenience, and choose the best and economical one. What else... Its vouchers time, grab some of them...

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