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Japanese Ziploc Jacket For Food
The Japanese have made a jacket for those who are too lazy to carry a bag with food on the job. This is the jacket made from sewn together Ziplock bags, the jacket can hold…
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Cute Body Art
Check some of the cute Body Art and Traditional Body Art pictures. Sometimes, gold and silver powders are used to decorate the designs.
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Latest Desi Bridal Fashion
Changes in fashion and preference have developed the demand for Desi bridal dresses. Western wedding dress designs are being enhanced with colour, style or accessories to add a Desi touch.
Indian Mehndi Design
Here are few exclusive Indian Mehndi designs. Indian Mehndi Design is the best known design in the fashion industry. Henna Designs are used in many occasions like festivals, party, and marriage functions.
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Tooth-Shaped Rubber Sole Shoes
The shoes are designed by British studio frantich and young. Unlike other shoes, these shoes have rubber tooth-shaped sole.

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