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Latest Foot Mehndi Arts, Cute Leg Mehndi Design

25 May 2013
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Here you could see the Latest collection of cute Leg mehndi designs and Foot mehndi arts. Mehndi designs are very popular in South Asia (i.e, India, Pakistan). Especially Arabic Mehndi designs are very popular in muslim countries. Females make mehndi design on their foot, arms, legs etc. Mehndi is also called as Henna in Hindi and Urdu. Scroll for more leg mehndi design images below:

Cute Leg Mehndi Design

Mehndi art is very easy to apply. You need a Mehndi Cone which is used to design cute mehndi art (Henna Designs). We need little practice to learn mehndi design skills. Mehndi is used to decorate brides and also it is usually used by many teen age girls and ladies. Hope you would try some designs at your home.

leg mehndi design images

leg mehndi designs of bridal

leg mehndi designs easy

simple leg mehndi designs

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