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Heal The Bones Faster With 3D Printed Cast Featured

19 November 2014
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3D printed cast is a newly developed concept designed by Turkish Industrial designer Deniz Karasahin that could heal the broken limb 40 per cent faster. The cast is environment friendly, water resistant, washable, lighter and can be customized for each patient.

White Cast

In order to place the limb perfectly, the injured area is scanned using a 3d scanner. The data is then transferred into a modelling software where the size and geometry of the cast is decided. Doctors then fit them with ultrasonic devices. With 20 minutes of treatment, the broken bones will be healed 40 to 80 percent faster than the traditional plaster.

Cortex cast is still in the development stage. Designer is currently working to bring down the material for the cast and refine the scanning process. Next steps is to work with a hospital to fully test the prototype and finding a manufacturer who can help make the Cortex Cast a reality.

White 3D Cast

Black 3D Cast

3D Printed Cast

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