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Hidden Dangers of WiFi Radiation

21 January 2016
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Emma Deangela

Emma Deangela
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I bring you a warning today about something that probably is around you 24/7 - Wi-Fi.

Listen, I’m not one who stubbornly insists on the prehistoric ways of doing things and always welcome innovative and useful technology.

But you need to know this if you:

  • use the cellphone or Bluetooth frequently
  • watch TV programs, or use the computer or tablet in your bedroom,
  • installed Wi-Fi in your home.

Hidden Risk of WiFi Radiation

According to statistics, there are 103.9 mobile phones per 100 US citizens, which is equal to more than one mobile phone per person on average. And with the popularity of mobile games, social media and productivity tools, we always attempt to stay connected to the Internet.

The problem is, staying connected all the time may not be a good idea where health is concerned.

I had a client who experienced headache, and felt nauseous and exhausted when she was near Wi-Fi radiation. She could tell instantly if there was Wi-Fi installed in a room.

Of course not everyone would experience these harmful effects directly but the sensitive ones are able to feel the detrimental effects of Wi-Fi radiation on their bodies and physical health.

But recently, there were a few popular researches conducted on Wi-Fi that shows how Wi-Fi stunts the growth of plants, you can read it at diet sage.

In the article, I also share with you some methods to reduce the Wi-Fi radiation exposure.

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Dr. Jatin Soni

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