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Humanity Pic, Act Of Kindness Featured

15 February 2014
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shoe for homeless girl

Photo of a man giving his shoes for a homeless girl who burst into tears.

In this world of war and political rallies, it is important to remain human and do human. Even the smallest act of kindness would bring more love and joy than all the riches of the world.

man in concert

During the Moscow concert of Korn audience suddenly raised their wheelchair with a young man and brought it closer to the stage so that he could better see their idols.

superheros wash windows

When it's time to wash the windows outside, they dressed up in costumes of superheroes: Spider-Man, Captain America, and Batman. Experts say that such therapy is extremely useful for children, because it is very important to forget about illness and change thoughts on something else more interesting.

kitten rescue

Firefighter just passed this kitten from a burning house, risking his own life. He put on his oxygen mask so he could breathe normally again.

cop buys shoe for sidewalk man

New York cop Larry Deprimo duty in Times Square when he saw an elderly homeless man sitting on the sidewalk in front of a shoe store. He talked with them, asked for his shoe size, and went away. After a while the cop returned with a new winter boots and socks, and helped the homeless to wear the shoes.

athelete helps collegue to finish the race

Athlete helps his leg tucked opponent to cross the finish line.

free mobile charger board

Thousands of people were left without electricity after the hurricane "Sandy." So the good soul has put a board outside, so that other people could charge their phones to call relatives.

old man helping with mug of tea

The soldiers have many hours duty. On Seeing the tired corp, a Afghan gave him a mug of tea to save him from the thirst.

subway meal on friday

Subway decided to show an act of goodwill by setting a board by which each homeless person could get lunch.

helping unemployed

Dry Cleaning offers for the unemployed, a free clean for their costumes in case they had to go to a job interview.

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