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Bad Ice Cream 5 - Online Action Puzzle Game

12 January 2016
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Bad Ice Cream 5 is a cool online puzzle game which can be played at for free and requires no registration!. The super popular online game Bad Ice Cream, is back again on top with its 5th version. Rush to play our super popular action packed online game.

bad ice cream 5

About Bad Ice Cream Game:

The player will control the character in the game which resembles an ice cream. The main focus of the game is to gather as many fruits as you can in each level within the defined time. It is not that easy to collect fruits as there are enemies guarding the fruits in each level. And the enemies are capable of creating and breaking ice to capture you. You have to use your skill and talent to avoid the enemies and get the fruits as fast as possible. The player has to improve their skills and talent as they pass through each levels. Each levels will have extra tricky enemies and more fruits to conquer

There can be as many as four players to play Bad Ice Cream 5. Each and every member will have their own control buttons on the keyboard to play the game.

bad ice cream 5

Tips to overcome the Bad Ice Cream 5:

You will have limited time to complete each level so please be aware of the time ticking. Plan the entire game levels which will help you to have a quick overview of the game on how to pass through each level within limited time.


Bad Ice Cream 5 can be played on any PC, smart phones and tab.

Release Date:

At present there is no specific date, when the Bad Ice Cream 5 game will be available to play. But as soon as the game is released, I will publish an update on this webpage.

Website #: Bad Ice Cream 5

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