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What makes Raft War 3 the best Flash Game of the decade Featured

11 May 2015
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Video games are designed with the singular goal to provide entertainment. However, some modern and more reliable research published into the American Psychologist these games also boost the cognitive abilities of children of growing age.

The core principle of a video clip game is to have a blast however; nowadays video gaming is actually a mufti-million dollar business that requires dedicated time and money. Fortunately however some games can still be fun and interesting while remaining short and simple.

Raft Wars 3 tops the choice of all such video games that are straight forward yet, permit the participants to engage in a fantastic game-play that keeps them interested all the while. I have already been a playing Raft war 3 since its very first version came in the market place and I can say without a hesitation that this video game surely takes the amount of sensation you could expect from a simple flash game to a completely new standard.

raft wars 3

Hands per Hour:

Raft war 3 is a shooting game in which you are taking out fully your opponents with a tennis rifle (yes! You heard correctly) . But the game ends up being more challenging for a small time period before aiming and firing since you need to depend on your retention power and abilities since you are going to lose sight of your targets for a small period of time before you shoot.

Story Line:

Our troopers, Simon along with his bro discover out that a water recreation area happens to be constructed on their precious booty. To be able to get rid of the park, the siblings take on all sorts of adversaries like soldiers, pirates, park mascots and even site visitors with a tennis ball gun. And that is where we help them to get their treasure.

raft wars 3 game


The overall game is suitable for many age brackets because it does not contain any obnoxious content or extreme scenes.


Currently there's no multi player option developed for playing Raft war 3 , but still you can have a fascinating time with the game by turning it into a competition with your friends and associates to see who scores the greatest points.

raft wars 3 game in level 8

All in all actively playing Raft war 3 has been an extremely exciting and addictive experience. It combines fun and challenge in perfect percentages; while keeping you interested in finding out about the next challenge that game is going to throw to you.

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