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Life Lessons Of Stick Figure Meme Goes Viral For Facebook Addicts

22 January 2016
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The “Be Like Bill” meme is sweeping the Internet, with both amusing and annoying fans. What Bill does is to instruct an audience of millions on some of the blunt details of social media etiquette. "The idea is very simple. 'Bill' can be anyone who is smart and has common sense and doesn't do annoying things."

Bill is the creation of Eugeniu Croitoru, a Moldovan who lives in Milan. If you've paid a visit to Facebook recently, chances are you'll have seen people sharing images of a stick man called Bill. Meme has its own Facebook page with the first post on Jan. 7. Since then his stick-figured visage has attracted audience of more than 1.3 million Likes with an alarming rate in recent weeks as well as fellow audiences in Spanish, Italian, Malaysian and Arabic. Whatever the language, the message is the same: “This is Bill. Bill does ........ Be like him.”

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