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Show Your Friends Your Couple Photos Just Like This Featured

30 March 2015
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When you feel bad about being single and now not having a female friend, Japanese photographer Keisuke Jinushi has a fast repair for you! The younger artist, who studied at the Musashino artwork college in Tokyo, indicates how one can use your own palm and Instagram to make the impact that you've a unique girlfriend.

Keisuke Jinushi

Japanese Instagrammer Keisuke Jinushi (@jinushikeisuke) shares photos on his Instagram account of life with his mysterious girlfriend as she feeds him pastries or squeezes his face affectionately. There’s only one issue: there is no girlfriend.

As Jinushi published on his weblog early this month, his “couple pics” are clearly complex selfies. Motivated with the aid of wellknown pictures of couples in Japan and his own bachelorhood, Jinushi made up our minds to take issues into his own arms—actually. He utilized heavy makeup basis and vibrant nail polish to one hand to make it look a lot of female, grabbed his smartphone and commenced snapping.

Keisuke Jinushi is single and proud of it. Rapidly thereafter, snap shots started showing on his blog and Instagram of Jinushi with what gave the look to be a young lady. Real love at last. As it seems, Jinushi staged all of the photographs, and the lady in the photographs on his weblog. Jinushi calls these pictures the "hitori dates," AKA one man dates. The inspiration for these one man date snap shots got here when Jinushi would seek advice from cafes and spot couples appearing. On account that, he stated, made him desire a girlfriend however he did not have one. Jinushi considers his hitori date pictures an art, and is consistently attempting out new techniques. It's foremost, says Jinushi, for people not to be ashamed of being single. Single and proud, i love that philosophy. Might be we would all be trained anything from Jinushi. Simply because you have not met "the one," it does not imply you need to be ashamed of it.

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