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Giant Solar-Powered Waterfall For Olympics 2016

19 October 2012
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Rio de Janeiro is planning to build a gigantic energy-generating artificial waterfall for the 2016 Olympics. The next Olympics will be in Rio de Janeiro, and it will be a giant generator of sustainable energy, a skyscraper that would also be a waterfall, capable of producing energy during the day and night.

Giant Solar-Powered Waterfall For Olympics 2016

It is a huge solar powered waterfall standing 105m above sea level, designed by Swiss architecture firm RAFAA for 2016 Olympic Games. Named the Solar City Tower, the building is equipped with solar panels, the solar energy to pump seawater to its top, and resulting falling water spins turbines that produce energy during the night. For some occasions, the tower can transform into an urban waterfall the designer calls "a symbol for the forces of nature."RAFAA expect to fill the building with an amphitheater, auditorium, cafeteria and shops. This solar city tower even includes bungee jumping and a “glass sky walk” on the very top.

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