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Unique Unlikely Friendship Of An Owl And A Dog Featured

17 February 2015
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Have you ever heard about the friendship of an owl and a dog. Yes, Here is a dog named Ingo — a type of Belgian shepherd typically used by police and Poldi(Napoleon) - 1 year old Owlet. Ingo and Poldi are an incredibly unlikely pair of friends. These surprising and adorable photos were done by Tanja Brandt, a professional animal photographer and collage artist in Germany. Both animals belong to photographer Tanja Brandt, whose account is filled with pictures of the two fast friends hanging out together, cuddling, even reading. Though these photos certainly are adorable and unique, the unlikely pair make for some of the most adorable pictures you’ve ever seen.

owl and a dog





Belgian shepherd


Tanja Brandt

Unlikely Friendship

friendship of an owl and a dog

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