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Worlds Largest Living Crocodile Champion Featured

11 July 2013
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In May, the world's largest crocodile named Cassius Clay celebrated 110th birthday. Present was a huge 20-pound cake of chickens. In 2011, he was included as one of the most famous inhabitants of the north of Australia in the Guinness Book of Records as the largest living reptile.

World's Largest Living Crocodile Champion

This giant was caught 26 years ago in the wild in Australia. Lets see the past years largest crocodiles.

Length - 6 meters, Weight - 1 ton. Picture of 2002 in the Republic of Burundi is a monster, caused the death of over 300 people. Crocodile in the photo was shot by Steve Curl after numerous complaints from local residents.

And here is what that was found in the Philippines and was considered as the biggest crocodile ridge in the world at that moment. Its length was 6400 mm and a weight of 1000 kg. The crocodile was captured in September 2011, during a three-week hunt, open after the authorities suspected that the giant reptile attacks the locals. In order to pull the crocodile out of the water, it took the efforts of about a hundred people.

A whole troop of thirty hunters managed to throw at him and wrap the network crocodile metal cable. Then this giant reptile has become the main attraction of the town Bunavan. For him, they built a special water park and in 2013, estuarine crocodile died. Lolonge earned about 3 million pesos (72,000 dollars).

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