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Admiral X Force 145 - The Most Expensive Luxury Mega Yacht Featured

01 July 2015
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Admiral X Force 145 - a stunning luxury megayacht length of 143 meters. The yacht has a low landing and smooth, curved lines. when the sun falls a 360 degree ring of lights illuminates the yachts perimeter. Two swimming pools, two cinemas, two helipads, a garage, several gyms, interiors designed with grand crystal chandelier and marble floors. Duplex Beach spa area located at the stern includes indoor and outdoor swimming pools, sun loungers, party room, deck chairs and a bar.

Cost of this megayacht exceed $ 1 billion, making it the most expensive yacht in the world, if the construction completes by the spring of 2018. Yacht Design project developed by the studio Dobroserdov Design in partnership with Admiral Centro Stile, provides a colorful image of the yacht. Length of X Force exceeds the length of two jumbo jets; which is nearly a half football fields.

Toward the front of the boat there is master bedroom which beholds the entire half deck. Surrounding the water feature is a sitting area. A full dining room sits on one of the lower decks. The windows from floor to ceiling are located along the entire length of the boat. The outdoor pool is located on the upper deck. A bi-level spa and bar at the back of the boat makes for a total party room. Another pool is located on the top deck, when the sun goes down, the entire perimeter of the yacht lit bright bulb.

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