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Beautiful Spacecraft Of The Future From Ferrari Featured

11 June 2015
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Ferrari styles a super car-inspired space vehicle with signature shapes from a number of Ferrari’s most spectacular super cars. The space vehicle, that was galvanized by classic Sci-Fi books and films, started as a series of sketches and was then became a realistic-looking rendering.

The finished result appearance was sleek and efficient however aggressive, and is recognizable as a Ferrari style despite the craft’s lack of wheels and Prancing Horse badge. The front ‘spoiler’ of the craft bears some similarity to at least one from a F1 automobile, whereas the flicked wing and tail shapes seem like they're borrowed from the LaFerrari and FXX K models.

The body of the craft is divided into two, with a Red ‘line’ running through the center of its polished metal body. Its wings appear to wrap around the lower part of the body and that’s slightly similar in form to a Mantaray fish.

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