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IXION Windowless Future Plane Concept Featured

10 September 2014
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The British company Technicon Design has proposed a new model of private jet called IXION Windowless Jet Concept. This has been actually created for the 2013 NBAA Business Aviation Show. Technicon Design recently won the international yacht and Aviation Award in the exterior Design.


The IXION Windowless Jet Concept replaces the traditional windows with the flexible screens that displays the external surrounding by panoramic view inside the cabin. The images are viewed by means of the external cameras. The cameras in the main body, fuselage and wings could capture the views and project it into the high resolution screens placed on the sides and ceilings of the cabin.

The display is powered by the solar panels which are integrated on the roof of the plane. The main advantage of removing the windows is that it will reduce the weight of the plane and so there will be fuel efficiency, easy body construction and flexible outer body surface.

IXION Plane with transparent top

Eiffel Tower view

Paoramic Exterior View

Multiple Display

Flight Video Conferencing

Environment Control

Interior Design Of Flight

Mountain View

Outer Space

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