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Plane Train Hybrid Future Transportation Featured

03 November 2014
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The Horizon System offers future transportation with quick journey time using aircraft that collects and drop offs the passenger in a moving pod like carriage by the year 2050. This system is purely a electric system conceived as a hybrid of a plane and a train. The highlight is that it is the largest drone with no pilot.

Hybrid system

The system starts with a journey in a nearby "skystation" after processing security check at this point. The passengers then board a "skylink" pod which is similar to train carriage propelled along a rail by magnetic force. Each pod has battery enough to power the train and the plane. the battery is charged through induction when the pod is in ground. These pods have luggage space and two hooks to attach to planes. The aircraft has a central common space similar to a hotel lounge. Enveloped with a large glass window, the space offers stunning views.

The aircraft is designed in such a way to be able to fly at slower speeds and to be in air almost all the time. It can hold 48 passengers and they all remain in the same seat throughout the journey. On arriving the destination city, the passengers are told to return to their seats from the observation deck and it attaches to the skylink track using electromagnetic coupling. The arriving pod is settled on to the rails. A departure pod on a parallel track accelerates to match the speed of the still moving plane. Once it is safely attached, the plane takes off with new passengers.


Over the Clouds

Skylink Pod

Hybrid over the sky

Cross section view

Over the city

In the observation deck

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