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650 Foot Pyramid Inspired Tallest Skyscraper In Egypt Featured

03 March 2015
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Egyptian government has revealed plans to construct a 200-metre-high (650-foot-tall) pyramid skyscraper called the Zayed Crystal Spark. The tower would turn out to be the nation's tallest building surpassing the 138-metre-high Great Pyramid of Giza. The venture will incorporate a centrally-placed skyscraper inspired by Egypt's most noted architectural shape, the pyramid. The tower will be launched during the Economic Summit to be held in Sharm El-Sheikh from March 13 to 15.

Zayed Crystal Spark

Zayed Crystal Spark will be built on an area of 190 acres. Proposed for Cairo's Sheikh Zayed city as part of a wider development, the Zayed Crystal Spark will be a 49-storey building composed of two pyramids – one tall and slim, and the other broad and short. The development is located within the southern expansions of 6th of October city overlooking the July 26 street, about 30 minutes drive from the ancient pyramids of Giza and will be valued at a total funding of EGP 150 billion ($19.7 billion; Dh72.2 billion).

The tower will be surrounded by various government, business, administrative and entertaining spaces. It's entirely serviced and supported by high-level facilities such as hospitals, schools, water, electric utilities, and green landscapes covering around f40 per cent of the total area to give the city a natural enchantment.

Egyptian government

Great Pyramid of Giza

Cairo's Sheikh Zayed city

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