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730 Slabs Of Marble Inscriptions Is The Worlds Largest Book Featured

08 May 2015
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Kuthodaw Pagoda, a Buddhist stupa, is called the "world's largest book". It is located at the base of Mandalay Hill in Burma. It was constructed within the course of the reign of King Mindon Min within town of Mandalay, 1857. Worried that the teachings of Gautama Buddha may be misplaced, he conceived the concept of conserving the entire textual content material of the Tipitaka Pali Canon of Theravada Buddhism, by way of inscribing them in big stone slabs.

730 Slabs

Each and every slab is a meter significant and approximately a meter and a half tall, and 13 centimeters thick, and there are 730 slabs in complete. Every stone tablet is housed in its possess shrine, referred to as kyauksa gu, with a gem on top, and they are organized across the valuable golden pagoda. These 730 slabs of marble are collectively referred to as the “world's largest publication.”

Each stupa contains one page of the book. Each stone has 80 to 100 traces of inscription on each part in circular Burmese script, chiseled out and stuffed in with gold leaf. It took three days to conclude a tablet, and a stonemason could finish up to 16 lines a day.

When it was invaded by the British, every piece of gold from the tablets along with the gems and other valuables were taken away. At present the writing are marked in black ink constituted of shellac, soot from paraffin lamps and straw ash. Just a few gem stones however exist.

Marble Inscriptions

Worlds Largest Book

Kuthodaw Pagoda

Mandalay Hill in Burma

King Mindon Min

Gautama Buddha

Tipitaka Pali Canon

Theravada Buddhism

kyauksa gu

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