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Electricity Generating Bike Paths For London Disused Infrastructure

09 February 2015
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A new project by design firm Gensler has received the London Planning Award for Best Conceptual Project for the “London Underline,” a proposal to turn London’s abandoned Underground rail and tube tunnels into a network of bike and pedestrian paths. Not only would the project address the problems of over-crowded commuter paths and disused infrastructure, but the Underline would harness the kinetic energy of everyone’s footsteps.


London has reached the highest level of population in its history and there arise the need for new types of public and community space, as well as affordable retail, commerce and entertainment spaces. London Underline Areas include the disused Piccadilly Line branch from Holborn to the abandoned Aldwych station along with a lengthy stretch from Green Park to Charing Cross. Also lined with cafes and click-and-collect points for online shopping. The firm proposes using a system called Pavegen instead of conventional paving slabs to line the tunnels. These engineered surfaces generate electricity from footsteps as people walk and the friction created by bike tyres to generate electricity.

London Underline

abandoned Underground rail

tube tunnels

Bike and pedestrian paths

kinetic energy

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