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Futuristic Bloom Aquatic Phytoplankton Farm

29 December 2014
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The water is going to redefine our future. Scientists estimate that the ocean degree will upward push 9 inches or more by 2030, as much as greater than 6.6 feet by 2100. To seek out an replacement on rising water as a result of global warming, French architecture firm Sitbon Architectes designed this pod concept for a liveable, Eco-friendly phytoplankton farm in the Indian Ocean.


Phytoplankton are microscopic organisms that use chlorophyll to turn sunlight into energy, absorbs carbon dioxide and produce oxygen like plants. They can have explosive populace growth, known as a bloom, expanding over 1000s of square kilometers within the ocean. Designed much like this is the farm, called Bloom, which would be a 5-story, partly-submerged center where scientists could live and grow phytoplankton, that absorbs C02 excesses and create 02. In the procedure, it might serve as an alert approach for rising waters in the event of a tsunami.

It'll be hooked up to the ocean ground by way of ropes. Among other services, sensors installed on the farm, is allowed to send to the mainland warnings about unexpected alterations in water level, the impending tsunami, and so on. These farms may situation a dead zones so as to enable to adjust the extent of oxygen in these regions. That is far more powerful than phytoplankton in lakes and rivers.

Sitbon Architectes was selected as a part of the“100 architects of the year 2012” International exhibition and book with Rex, UnStudio and Jds. The project was a finalist in Architizer's 2013 A+ Awards.

Bloom Aquatic Phytoplankton Farm


absorbs C02 excesses and create 02

warnings about unexpected alterations

Sitbon Architectes bloom


Aquatic Phytoplankton Farm


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