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Multiple Natures - Taiwan's New Skyscraper Featured

19 March 2012
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‘Multiple natures – Fibrous tower’ was developed by the Austrian architectural studio Soma to participate in international competition, held recently in Taichung (Taiwan) and has taken the second place.

Multiple Natures | Taiwan's New Skyscraper

The building is based on the principles of plant and animal life. The structure combines the observation tower and the city museum. The exterior and complex interiors adapt for weather conditions, using ultra-modern systems, mechanisms and building materials by opening and closing like flowers.

The zero carbon tower generates energy with photovoltaic cells from the roof areas of the museum. The skin of the tower is also a solar absorber with 25, 000 square meters of exterior surface covered with the flexible PV modules.


Taichung, taiwan


Taichung city government

Site area

: 44.000 square meters

Building area:

10.000 square meters

Max. height:

330 meters

Parking lot

: 254cars

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