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Oklahoma Architects Designs Twister Shaped Tulsa Tornado Tower

11 March 2015
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Architects in Oklahoma have planned a skyscraper for the city of Tulsa called Tornado Tower. The funnel shaped tower features 20-30 story building with a weather research center, classrooms, a 360-degree revolving restaurant, weather museum and outdoor terraces.

Tulsa Tornado Tower

Kinslow, Keith and Todd came up with idea to rejuvenate the property that is now a part-time parking garage to Tulsa tornado-shaped tower. The new tower would be located near BOK Center, the 19,000-seat home of the Tulsa Oilers. While the design of the building may make it look likely to be blown over in the famously strong Oklahoma winds, its creators say the structure would be stable. A solid core would go up the middle of the building with elevators and bathrooms.

The building features a 360-degree rotating restaurant on its top floor, and the revolving action seems appropriate given the tower's swirling inspiration. Garden floors were designed to look like tree debris being carried away by the twister. The building's similarities to its real-life counterpart also include LED lights on the outside that would be spaced to give drivers on a nearby highway the illusion that the structure was spinning. The office space could be easily added and classrooms in its base could help teach visitors about weather safety. On top of the tower there would be a terrace designed for reporters to do weather broadcasts.

funnel shaped tower

Oklahoma Architects Designs Twister Shaped Tower

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